Cycle-in Cinema: The Princess Bride

The screen, bikes and a rainbow.

On Sunday a few friends and I braved a typically damp and chilly August evening in London to go to Hackney City Farm to watch The Princess Bride.  However, this was a screening with a difference as it was put on by not-for-profit educational project Magnificent Revolution . Magnificent Revolution aim to create greater awareness of energy usage, power production and climate change by using bicycle powered generators to demonstrate how much energy it takes to power everyday things we take for granted- including the cinema!

It’s a clever idea and a fun way to watch a film. It took twelve bikes to power The Princess Bride, with people constantly swapping. I willingly took my turn, only to be interrupted after a couple of minutes by the young lad who owned the bike and who wanted another go. I couldn’t really tell a small child to go away and not be greedy, so I had to relinquish the bike. At least I tried.

The Princess Bride turned out to be the ideal film for the event- a cult classic that is suitably fun and easy to follow, a positive given the inevitable distractions that occur when cyclists swap over and shortages in power cause the sound to periodically drop out! Next up for Cycle-in Cinema is a screening of the cod-piece-tastic Labyrinth. Thermals might be in order, as it is taking place on the 2nd October. Brrr!

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